Monday, 4 June 2012

Jaime Heras' The Very Best 1990-2010

Jaime Heras

Jaime Heras is a self-taught musician from Murcia in Spain. He's making music for quite some time now so it was time for compilation collecting works from twenty years.

The Very Best 1990-2010

The Very Best features twenty tracks, more than the half of which were edited or remade. The music range extends between new age, modern classical and electronic ambient. Jaime Heras is the sole composer and performer of all music, safe for a handful of tracks on which PeerGynt LoboGris plays the guitar as a guest musician.

I must admit that I prefer his electronic ambient tracks much more than his (apparently) older new age songs.

Depending on your musical preferences you may share my point of view that this album is great as an introduction but likely to be replaced by the actual album releases (some of which I will present you in the future).

The music has been released by Free Ear Music under a Creative Commons license.

Download at the Internet Archive

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