Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Maybe not as news worthy as the U.S. elections or Near East wars but timeless and more useful information for anyone un-Sex.Ed-ucated (like Catholic clergy, Muslim "freedom" fighters, Methodists and so on).

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Werner Ruhner: Friedrich Wolfs Bummi

Ihr könnt das Buch u.a. auf kaufen.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Vangelis Papathanassiou's La fête sauvage - a Proposition

Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου - better known as Vangelis - has composed a lot of music but kinda cared little to let people hear it. A lot of his music is still unreleased or only available in bootlegged or incidental formats. Most part of his Blade Runner soundtrack can only be heard on the various bootlegs while some other scores can only be heard in the background of the scored work.

And there is the fact that some music has never been properly cued in optical disc authoring. Heaven and Hell has easily recognizable parts, and some have been featured as such on compilation albums, but the album itself is only ever split into two tracks (and occasionally three) instead of the 9 that would be necessary.

Now there will be those (including to all likelihood Vangelis himself) saying that this is the way the music was intended to be listened to. But I personally find that in the time and age of music that plays on computers with dynamic and random playlists I often prefer a short piece of music instead of the whole 15 to 20 minutes of a vinyl side. One can still listen to the whole album if your in the mood…

Anyway, I though it might be a good thing to propose a way to split the albums into its parts. I use to whole disc image (as a single Wave file) with a cuesheet and have then altered the cuesheet. La fête sauvage is the first that I will treat this way.

La fête sauvage is the score to a French wildlife documentary by Frédéric Rossif. The album was originally published in 1976 and has since seen numerous reissues on CD, either with a single tracks or split into two tracks representing both sides of the original vinyl.

Here is my proposed cuesheet of the album, based on the 1995 issue by Polydor:

REM COMMENT "proposed split"
CATALOG 0042284119825
PERFORMER "Vangelis"
TITLE "La Fête sauvage"
FILE "Vangelis - La Fête sauvage.wav" WAVE
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage I: 1st Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 00 00:00:00
    INDEX 01 00:00:33
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage I: 2nd Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 02:28:25
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage I: 3rd Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 08:42:48
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage I: 4th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 11:52:47
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage I: 5th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 15:24:18
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 1st Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 18:13:24
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 2nd Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 20:29:67
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 3rd Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 24:41:01
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 4th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 26:48:71
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 5th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 31:21:18
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 6th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 33:01:47
    TITLE "La Fête sauvage II: 7th Movement"
    PERFORMER "Vangelis"
    INDEX 01 34:38:33

I hope that you will find it useful or at least interesting. I retained the original two parts as a starting point.

In case you want to buy the album you may find it on, or And for whatever reason you want another alternative - try MusicStack.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Musical Taste // Favorites

Today's post may be of little interest to you… it's some ego cajolement about my musical taste.

Above are two tag clouds displaying the covers of my most listened albums[1]. The first one (above or left) has been taken over the past six and half years, the second one represents the top of the past six months.

Top 40 Artists

The following list is the current top 40 list of my favorite artists for the past twelve months…

  1. Front Line Assembly
  2. Depeche Mode
  3. The Prodigy
  4. Spetsnaz
  5. Leæther Strip
  6. Stellardrone
  7. And One
  8. X-102
  9. Celestial Aeon Project
  10. Front 242
  11. David Arnold & Michael Price
  12. Vangelis
  13. Patenbrigade: Wolff
  14. Haujobb
  15. Rotersand
  16. Pendulum
  17. Assemblage 23
  18. Frank Klepacki
  19. Solar Fields
  20. Hyperwind
  21. Architect
  22. Funker Vogt
  23. Janne Hanhisuanto
  24. Bass Tandem
  25. The Chemical Brothers
  26. Absurd Minds
  27. Esther Garcia
  28. Aes Dana
  29. 8kHz Mono
  30. Patrick Gowers
  31. Spacetime Continuum
  32. Richard Wells
  33. klakast
  34. Harry Gregson-Williams
  35. Laibach
  36. Pet Shop Boys
  37. Mr. Oizo
  38. Covenant
  39. Klinik
  40. VNV Nation

Special mention of Project Pitchfork.

And the artist tag cloud of my all-time favorites:

[1] My data analyzed using Tools.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Greg Craven // How the World Ends

I admit I haven't been very active lately on Think Tank but occasionally you come across something that really adds to some public discussion.

The strong point is not its scientific accuracy, for it has none, but its simple yet powerful reasoning…

Give it look!

Friday, 15 February 2013

I Space // Janne Hanhisuanto

Finnish composer of ambient and modern classical music Janne Hanhisuanto has released at least eight albums over the past five years.

In 2011 Lithuanian label Cold Tear Records has released his album of space music and modern classical I Space.

You may download a Creative Commons version from the Internet Archive.