Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hackers and Alternatives

Today I want to share two links that in my mind have a lot in common.

Richard Stallman may have had a few lowbrow ideas - like the Free Software Song - but generally he's on the right track, I think...

In part thanks to him there's a strong connection between the ideas of open source and hacking which still leads a lot of people to think that open source applications are a security risk (and not fit for use in corporate business but that's another story).

Here's what Richard has to say about it:

(Source: On Hacking - Richard Stallman)

The basic idea of hacking is thus to provide an alternative - whether useful or not is a secondary question. Secondary because you never know when someone else will take up your hack and make something useful out of it.

You can always try to find alternatives to some software yourself, by roaming sites like SourceForge, Google Code, CodePlex or many other open source software hosting facilities - or you let someone else do it for you.

Recently - as in today - I stumbled upon alternativeTo to give me alternatives. Maybe you'll try it too and get back to me with your opinion.

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