Friday, 11 January 2013

Roots // Tenonaki

Tech Trance

Tenonaki is not exactly a newcomer to the music industry. The album Roots joins eight tracks produced between 1998 and 2006 by Marco Köller. Köller has been active since 1996, making techno and trance music under various labels including New Age Hippies, Blanche and Smooth. This album is his way of paying tribute to the early techno music, dating back to 1988/89 when he started deejaying.

The music filed under tech trance on the release page at Ektoplazm. I am unable to confirm this special style tag - to me it is electronic, trance-y, technoid, hard yet pleasing to my ears. So why should I care what it is called.

It reminds me of the X-102 classic Discover the Rings of Saturn which is high praise indeed as this album is one of my favorite albums in modern electronic music and was created by the kings of the Detroit school, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks and Robert Hood.

But when I say it reminds me I don't you to think that they sound alike. There are major differences. X-102 is Detroit house with a spacy twist, Tenonaki is Cologne techno with cold trance thrown in for good measures. 


It was released in three formats via Ektoplazm.

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