Monday, 15 October 2012

Archives // Deto & Gleam

Progressive Minimal Techno

That's what you could call the music of Hungarian duo Deto & Gleam (aka Peter Takács and Mark Bókay) on their first full album Archives - released early December 2010 by German label Digital Diamonds.

 It was released in three formats via Ektoplazm.

MP3 Download
FLAC Download
WAV Download

01 Chrono
02 511 keV (Album Load)
03 Chrono (Wasted Time Mix)
04 T-Echoes
05 Surgery
06 Tangenter
07 Tears Deconstructed
08 Observation Center


Digital Diamonds
Creative Commons

Wednesday, 10 October 2012



for quite some time I have been silent about computing affairs but now that I'm trying to prepare my switch to any Linux distribution there will be a few articles coming up…

But right now a simple tool you might need and for now only for Windows.

If you download open source packages — whether it's the code or some binaries — a good idea is to check the checksum hash.

Most websites use either the MD5 or SHA-1 algorithms, or both.

A fast way to hash your download and check it against the provided checksum without the full installation process is to use some protable checksum hash application.

I found DP Hash to be perfectly sufficient. It's freeware by Dirk Pähl. Nothing fancy, just some simple interface. It allows hashing of only one file at the time and can not export its results except copying the hash to the clipboard.

To check a download it's largely enough…