Friday, 20 May 2011

Red Flag: Communism // Проект: Распатор

Well, it has been more than a year since my last entry and you wouldn't have been the only one to think it was dead (yes, I meant you, my non-existant reader) but here we are, back...

While it isn't exactly the main reason for this comeback, my discovery that I want to share with you is as good as many subjects to write about. Some may seem more important in the scheme of things but we need circuses as much as we need bread.

For quite some time now I have discovered the delights of... no, not the Mirror of Erised... no, of legal music downloads. What are the Creative Commons for, eh?

At the moment Jamendo and the Internet Archive are my primary addresses. And now I'v come upon a Jamendo release that I've finally uploaded to the Internet Archive.

Проект: Распатор (aka The Project: Raspatory, or simply Raspatory) is a Russian techno-industrial project created in late 2008 by Andrej Tereshhenko. After a months-long break Andrej started writing again and in January 2010 released his album Red Flag: Communism on Jamendo.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, this album has since been removed from Jamendo, so I've decided to upload the album to the Internet Archive as it was released under a Creative Commons license.

You can download all MP3 files from the Internet Archive for your listening pleasure.

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