Thursday, 26 May 2011

Halo Effect: the Early Years

As a fan of pretty much all music that is electronic and a bit beyond the main stream of the public world, and a fan of databasing, it was fun to look out for official downloads of the earliest releases from Italian synth-pop band Halo Effect.

Founded in 2001 by the Italians John Andrew Peverieri, Alessandro Polinori and Federico Rosi, joined in 2003 by Marco Cattani, they have made their way from self-released demos and eEPs, to their first two albums released through online download stores and renowned netlabels to the point where finally their next album will be released later this year (as it appears) to hardcopy (that's a CD for you).

But where to find the first releases from the earlier years? Two demos, a live release and an EP. On MySpace, they say. But finding those links is a bitch, as they are hidden within the blog, dating back to July 16th, 2008. And their blog has seen much more activity than mine ever has.

So, here is the blog entry: OLD DEMO: free download!!!

And since MySpace blocks the links to the downloads, here are the four official and thus perfectly legal download links:
Past Continuous
Days of Silence
Rome Effect
Schwarz EP

Halo Effect MySpace
Halo Effect Rate Your Music
Halo Effect Discogs
Halo Effect MusicBrainz

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