Saturday 29 September 2012

Inside the Medieval Mind

Robert John Bartlett is a medievalist currently holding the position of Wardlaw Professor of Mediaeval History at the University of St Andrews' School of History.

Born on November 27 in 1950, he is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Fellow of the British Academy, Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, specializing in medieval colonialism, the cult of saints, and England between the 11th century and the 14th century.

In 2008 he wrote and hosted a four-part television mini-series for The Open University broadcast by the BBC Four between April 17 and May 8.


In the first part Robert Bartlett investigates the world view as seen by the educated people of the Middle Ages between the 9th and 16th century, and the challenges brought upon them by the discovery of the world.


In the second part Robert gives us insights into how people of its time viewed love and marriage and experienced sexuality.


The Middle Ages (in Europe) are always depicted as dominated by the Christian religion. But what were the actual believes of the people?


One of the major characteristics of this period was the strict social order set up by what is often called the feudal society. Robert Bartlett shows us his insights into the way the political and other order was maintained throughout the centuries and how it was transformed at the end of the Middle Ages.


Inside the Medieval Mind is one of the best introductions into the world of thought of an often misunderstood period - mistunderstood because it is so foreign to our own way of thinking at the beginning of the 21st century, more than half a millennium after the Middles Ages gave way to the Modern era.

Using real-life examples from ancient accounts, Robert Bartlett illustrates the medieval everyday world and contrasts it with the development of the best of the brightest at its time.

The best minds in theology and philosophy speak out, as do historians and commoners.

In almost four hours Bartlett displays the ways the average person feels about things and the best minds of its time reasoned about ideas. He never judges but tries to help us understand the basic frame of mind.


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Gerald of Wales

Published on June 10 in 1982
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Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change
950 - 1350

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A Story of Miracle, Memory and Colonialism in the Middle Ages

Published February 2 in 2004
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The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages

Published March 17 in 2008
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Revised Editions

Gerald of Wales
A Voice of the Middle Ages

Published October 15 in 2006
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