Monday, 6 August 2012

Steampunk Literature, Part Two

Some More Fiction

Though I'm still reading another book entirely (Vanquished Gods: Science, Religion and the Nature of Belief) and will read some other book (The Long Earth) before I get into Steampunk I still have found some more to read…

Let's begin with James Blaylock's The Digging Leviathan which is the first novel in his Narbondo series, followed by Homunculus and Lord Kelvin's Machine. Blaylock was mentored - alongside Tim Powers and the aforementioned K. W. Jeter - by Philip K. Dick.

Another novel is Infernal Devices. A Mad Victorian Fantasy by none other than Jeter himself who probably coined the word steampunk in 1987.

Not Strictly Steampunk But Close Enough

Stephen Michael Stirling's The Peshawar Lancers is not entirely what I would call steampunk but close in feeling to be interesting.

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